I have always felt confused about dressing professionally. Nearly every appointment and meeting was prefaced by a stressful episode at home where I settled for wearing whatever fit me best. Vaidehi guided me toward a look that flattered me, was inviting to others and helped me feel confident in my professional look. Now I feel great in showing the world who I am! Best of all, my new look is helping me achieve even greater success in my business. Thank you so much Vaidehi.

Tammi Blake

Realtor, David Lyng Real Estate

Before working with Vaidehi, I didn’t know how to dress professionally and I had no confidence to put myself out there. After working with Vaidehi, my expertise is communicated in my appearance as well as my actions. When shopping I know exactly what I am looking for. I save time shopping and feel good about investing in quality pieces. Vaidehi is amazing and inspirational!

Megan Grewohl

BA, MFT trainee

Before working with Vaidehi, I could not stand shopping and had no concept of how to select jewelry that looked good on me. I would trick myself into going shopping once a year which was totally un-enjoyable. I would buy things I liked but never wear them. Without new clothes my style got old and it wasn’t easy to feel inspired. After working with Vaidehi, things started to click. I understood why I was drawn to certain looks and not others. I realized I didn’t need to spend hours in the dressing room trying to make frustrating decisions. I learned how to cover the floor of a store in 15 mins and know what I wanted. The main result is when I wear my colors, styles and accessories, people do double-takes and compliment me. I feel beautiful and inspirational in my outfits. Whenever I wear my power color, I feel invincible. It’s so FUN!

Katie Briggs


I used to get photos done and feel insecure that I looked good enough in my outfit, or that I was presenting the right message. I was prepping for a big photo shoot for my first online program launch. I wanted to look natural and powerful. I was totally stuck with what to wear. I think I dress well enough day-to-day at the office; my confidence is an 8/10 for the office. But for this photo shoot, I wanted to look dazzling and relatable, I wanted to reach women who treat themselves to premium programs, and I felt only a 4/10 in confidence for this new niche. My confidence about my image was really keeping me from having the courage to put myself out there to connect with the premium clients who want my services! I knew Vaidehi could work wonders with my closet. Having my outfits chosen so creatively and powerfully set me up for the best photo shoot of my life! I knew I looked fabulous, and I felt totally free in my body. When my confident image hit the media, big players in the field I had been reaching out to, noticed my launch and reached out to me! During the shoot and sharing the photos afterward, my confidence is a 10/10. Working with Vaidehi was a brilliant investment in my confidence.

Nihal Kaur L.A.C

Primary Care Acupuncturist, Dipl. O.M. (NCCAOM)®

I didn’t realize that how I was dressing was adding pounds to my image, especially in pictures. With Vaidehi’s help, I found the right outfits to feel great and look fabulous on stage and film! Thanks, Vaidehi!

Sarah Medlicott

Business Coach

Before working with Vaidehi, I didn’t identify with my wardrobe. I followed the career “rule” to wear black to look powerful but that made me look pale. After working with Vaidehi, I look healthier and stronger. When I look at my closet I feel satisfied and comforted on a deep level. I look confident and assured. It didn’t occur to me that it could have such an effect on how people respond to me. I worked with 2 other image consultants before working with Vaidehi and didn’t get this kind of a result.

Kate Ponton

Business Analyst

Before Vaidehi, I had no idea what to buy when I went shopping. I was never happy with the results, lamented every penny I spent and lost 3 hours of my life that I couldn’t get back.

Now it’s easy, and I spend far less time and money shopping. I go into a clothing store and know what to avoid regarding color, patterns and cut; which just narrowed down the selection from 1,000 to about 15 items to consider. I’m in and out in less than 30 minutes, and I spend less money shopping this way.

Vaidehi Normand did an excellent job on my colors and clothing selection. She is great to work with and has led me in the right direction regarding looking my best. Vaidehi pays for herself in the money and time you save. Best of all, I get compliments on the way I look (that never happened before). Honestly, you will find it to be some of the best money you’ve ever spent.

Luis Garza

Sales Associate

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