Have a big event coming up but don’t know what to wear?

If the opportunity to speak at this event can be a game changer for your career, you want to take full advantage of the opportunity by making a GREAT impression. If you do this, you could walk away with tons of new clients, speaking opportunities, a huge visibility boost and a whole new level of credibility among your colleagues.

If you don’t, you could miss out on thousands of dollars in potential revenue from clients, speaking opportunities and referrals. You don’t want to overlook anything that could hurt your presentation.

One of the most important things you need to make a good impression is the right image.

You want an outfit that…

  • Exudes Confidence
  • Brings Out Your Best Features
  • Looks Put-Together and Polished
  • Fits and Flatters Your Body
  • Expresses Your Unique Style
  • Reflects Your Credibility

And you want to be able to find this outfit quickly and easily because you don’t have a lot of time.

But when you open your closet to explore your options you’re faced with clothes that…

  • Lack A Unique Style
  • Feel Old, Worn, or Boring
  • Pull and Stifle Your Movements
  • Sag In All The Wrong Places
  • Look Out Of Place With Other Items
  • Hamper Your Credibility
  • Steel Your Confidence

And you get overwhelmed at the thought of spending hours shopping for the perfect outfit.

What most women don’t know is there is a formula to make all of this easy.

To share this amazing formula, I’ve created the “Stage Ready Style Guide” just for you.

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In the “Stage Ready Style Guide” you will learn…

  • What clothes and accessories are “stage ready”
  • What clothes and accessories are not
  • The key elements of a “stage ready” outfit
  • How to shop & find the missing pieces

This guide can save you hundreds of hours trying to do it on your own and thousands of dollars in potential revenue you could lose if you’re not dressed to impress.

Don’t wait!

When you download the “Stage Ready Style Guide” you will also get access to my “Stage Ready Style Watch” Monthly Ezine where I feature hot new styles and how to wear them.

Having a “Stage Ready Style” can boost your confidence so you go from “dreading it” to “ready for it!”

It can also give your audience the impression you’re an expert even if you’ve only presented a few times.


Work with me to get one-on-one support for each stage of creating your stage image:

    • Get Your Colors Done
    • Find Your Fashion Formula
    • Closet Clean Out
    • Shopping
    • Outfit Planning
    • And so much more

“Before working with Vaidehi, I didn’t know how to dress professionally, and I had no confidence to put myself out there. After working with Vaidehi, my expertise is communicated in my appearance as well as my actions. I save time shopping because I know exactly what I’m looking for and feel good about investing in quality pieces. Vaidehi is amazing and inspirational!”

~ Megan Grewohl, Therapist

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